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Authors: Lewis Hamilton Quotes, Famous Lewis Hamilton Quotes Quotations Sayings
It's pretty much impossible to put into words, I am still speechless.
Lewis Hamilton
On becoming youngest ever F1 world champion at 23, when he clinched fifth place in Brazilian Grand Prix win on November 2, 2008.
It was one of the toughest races of my life - if not the toughest.
Lewis Hamilton
On 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix, where he finished fifth, making him the F1 world champion.
I can't go to the cinema. I go to the bathroom in a petrol station and people come in there for autographs.
Lewis Hamilton
His reasons for quitting the UK to move to Switzerland, October 2007.
It's been a crazy year and I honestly can't say I'm really gutted. I finished second in the world championship. I beat my team-mate under extremely difficult circumstances. I beat the two-time world champion. That was the goal.
Lewis Hamilton
On beating team-mate Fernando Alonso and coming second in world championship 2007.
Bits started falling off the tyre and it blew. I was lucky not to go into the gravel.
Lewis Hamilton
On his blow-out at the Istambul Grand Prix in Istanbul, where he still managed to finish fifth, August 2007.
I don't remember Mansell's incident - I was only one!
Lewis Hamilton
After journalists likened his Istanbul blow-out at the Turkish Grand Prix to the former world champion's similar moment in 1986, the incident cost him the world title in 2007.
We're extremely competitive - we can't be best friends. I apologised, he apologised and we said "let's just get it over with and get on with the rest of the year".
Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton and team-mate Fernando Alonso call a truce in the rivalry which threatened to detail McLaren's successful season, August 2007.
I've never known anyone as competitive as me and I think Alonso is very close.
Lewis Hamilton
On his rivalry with his McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso.

The year I get here he bales out - I don't know if I had something to do with that.
Lewis Hamilton
On Michael Schumacher retiring before he started racing, when asked if he thought he would have beaten the seven-time world champion, July 2007.
This is the best feeling I've ever had. You cannot compare it to sex. But you know? I would say it is better than sex. It is!
Lewis Hamilton
On securing his first Formula 1 pole position at the Canadian Grand Prix, June 2007.
I was born to race and to win.
Lewis Hamilton
After sweeping to the first pole position of his career at the Canadian Grand Prix, June 2007.
This is a fantastic day for me. I was over the moon to get pole but this is definitely on a different planet for me.
Lewis Hamilton
After going on to win the Canadian Grand Prix from pole - his first grand prix victory, 2007.
Simple things like going out for dinner, to the cinema or driving to the petrol station are not the same anymore. It is crazy but I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground.
Lewis Hamilton
The 22-year-old after two straight Grand Prix wins in Montreal and Indianapolis, on how Formula One racing has changed his personal life, June 2007.
The fame side is not something I particularly enjoy but it was cool to meet Sir Jackie Stewart and it was wicked to meet Beyonce.
Lewis Hamilton
Fame can be a rough ride, but it has its compensations for the 22-year-old who reveals he is a big fan of Beyonce, June 2007.
I'm blinged out. I got bling on my helmet, how cool is that.
Lewis Hamilton
Talking about the diamond-studded helmet he wore for the Monaco Grand Prix, May 2007.
Everyone makes mistakes and I'm only human - these small things happen.
Lewis Hamilton
After crashing on a practice run for Monaco Grand Prix, May 2007.
To be racing in Formula One with Mclaren has been the ultimate goal for me. It's a dream come true.
Lewis Hamilton
After it was confirmed the 21-year-old would drive for the McLaren-Mercedes t eam in 2007 Formula One world championship, alongside the title holder Fernando Alonso.
Being the first black man doesn't matter much to me personally, but for the sport itself it probably means quite a lot.
Lewis Hamilton
On prospect of making debut in Formula One racing after being crowned champion of the sport's feeder series, September 2006.
Lewis Hamilton: British Formula One driver. Born in England on January 7, 1985. In 2008 he became the youngest F1 world champion at 23.

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